* Zondag 1 juli: Tridentijnse Mis om 9u30 in de Basiliek van Dadizele. Tijdens de zomervakantie zijn er geen H. Missen in Dadizele. De volgende H. Mis is op zondag 2 september.
* Zondag 29 juli: Tridentijnse Mis om 17u30 in de H. Bloedbasiliek in Brugge.

donderdag 13 december 2012

The Economist: traditionalisten zijn de avant-garde van de Kerk

Het is trendy om traditionalist te zijn in de katholieke Kerk, schrijft The Economist deze week:

SINCE the Second Vatican Council in 1962, the Roman Catholic church has striven to adapt to the modern world. But in the West—where many hoped a contemporary message would go down best—believers have left in droves. Sunday mass attendance in England and Wales has fallen by half from the 1.8m recorded in 1960; the average age of parishioners has risen from 37 in 1980 to 52 now. In America attendance has declined by over a third since 1960. Less than 5% of French Catholics attend regularly, and only 15% in Italy. Yet as the mainstream wanes, traditionalists wax.

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