* Zondag 1 juli: Tridentijnse Mis om 9u30 in de Basiliek van Dadizele. Tijdens de zomervakantie zijn er geen H. Missen in Dadizele. De volgende H. Mis is op zondag 2 september.
* Zondag 29 juli: Tridentijnse Mis om 17u30 in de H. Bloedbasiliek in Brugge.

zaterdag 22 december 2012

Dom Alcuin Reid over de situatie van de priesterbroederschap Pius X

Gelezen op The New Liturgical Movement:

Let these sheep return freely to the sheepfold

Dom Alcuin Reid

When family members are estranged hardly a day goes by without those separated feeling pain. Pope Benedict XVI feels the rift with the Society of Saint Pius X deeply, and has done since the break of 1988. “Let the Society know that resolving the problem of the Society is at the heart of the priorities of my pontificate,” he is reported as saying. Yet in spite of years of effort they remain in a canonically irregular position.

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